Address: 6011 YORK BLVD.


Phone: 323-397-8688

Email:  info@plantanursery.com

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Plant Rental 

Plants available for rental at half the retail price, pots at 1/3 price.

In-Store Services

Potting, drainage hole drilling, and plant doctor services available starting at $3. Bring your problem plant and we will diagnose and treat it.

Custom Arrangements

Find a plant or plants and a pot that you like and we can put them together for you! Starting at $3.

Interior or Landscape Consultation

One hour in-home consultation $50. Great if you want to talk over some ideas but already have your own gardener, or just need some guidance on what to purchase. 

Landscape Design & Commercial Design

We will refer you to our partner companies for landscape design, install, pavers, concrete, retaining walls, decks, fences, arbors and pergolas, pools, water features, sod, synthetic turf, irrigation install and repair, hedre and tree trimming/removal/grinding, brush clearance, and demolition.

Event Space Rental 

Rent out our store, with discounted rates if your event is after hours or if we can stay open to customers. Best for smaller events with 20-30 people.

Filming Location

Store and greenhouse available for film shoots. For a larger crew consult with Police Museum next door to use the parking lot for trailers and craft services.

Photo Shoots

For smaller photo shoots (1-4 people, store can stay open to customers) please give us a heads up, and you can shoot no charge. Just tag us if you post on social media!